While breaking ground in the woody outskirts just north east of Athens, a digging worker made a discovery of an ancient crude statue.

Teams of archaeologist worked tirelessly to carefully excavated the bronzed mannequin.


The discovery from Greek antiquity was accidentally activated while a crew of research scientists moved the body.

Government intervened and declared that the ancient bronze android was harmless, then gifted the metal man back to scientific communities.


The soulless sentient proclaimed his name was Boticus and told detailed stories of the fall of ancient empires due to emerging religious beliefs and ancient discoveries of evolution.


Now he spends his time questioning the future, laying around, playing his bronze lyre, all while constantly talking and spilling his wine.

Sometimes he gets on my nerves.

Help Boticus

He is made of bronze, not gold


There has been a great deal of work put into Boticus. While his existence may not be pragmatic, he is an oddity to experience. Help out our team so that Boticus can avoid the junkyard and flourish.


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